April 20, 2011

I Love Math!!!

I know; I'm a weird strange person like that, but it's true.  It's the same all over, never changes, constant, consistent:  A + B will always equal C.  The strange thing is that I never used to like math, until I got to high school and had that one teacher who changed my view and had a profound influence on my life.  And what she said is true, you will use math, to some degree, in your daily lives past high school.  Case in point = D-Math...

While out this afternoon on my lunch hour; I was walking through the Easter candy isle at the store and thought I would get a little something for Mike.  I saw the chocolate bunnies, in many varieties, including sugar free.  So, I picked up 2 bunnies; one regular and one sugar free.  Yay math in everyday life!!  1 + 1 = 2...  Sorry - back to the blog purpose...

The sugar free bunny is 2.5oz which equals 1 serving at 40grams of Carbs per serving.  The regular bunny is 3 oz which equals 2 servings at 25 grams of Carbs per serving (or 50 grams of Carbs for the whole bunny).  Now comes the fun part...  The mathematical breakdown...  Can you feel the drama?!?!

For each ounce of chocolate:  the sugar free bunny has 16 grams of Carbs per ounce and the regular bunny has 16.6666 grams of Carbs per ounce.  And what does this mean???  They are the same!!!!!  Or almost, with a .6666 difference.

Thought that was kinda interesting. 

This Type 1 Diabetic Wife loves D-Math.


  1. Same issue with cookies: replacing sugar with Splenda will reduce the average 15-g cookie from 12 g carb to 10.

  2. Suzi, I need to take some classes in D-Math. I'm learning and passing my new found knowledge on to DH.

    I hate artifical sweeteners. To me something created in a test tube is scarey. How can a human body process it? What will it do to a human being?

    Almost a year ago I bought Agave Nectar. DH tried it once and said it tasted weird. Six months later he tried it again and now uses it on his oats and I even make lemonade with it.

    I have sooooooo much D-Math to learn.

    BTW: I love the bunny! How did he know I was going for his ears first?


  3. The math's is the worst thing about diabetes to me! That is my biggest problem with diabetes - working out the maths! I can read numbers but somewhere between my foggy brain and my writing hand they change values and will not work out properly! A 3 becomes an 8 or a 2 or a 4, or a 5 becomes a 4 or a 6! I hate it and my DN is unsympathetic! She thinks that I am lazy - which is why I am not good at writing my numbers down in a record diary, as they are wrong anyway! I have a meter that stores the numbers but she does not want to go looking into that and I cannot afford to buy a printer and one of those USB meters that would print out graphs etc without me having to do the maths!

  4. Just found your blog again :) love the bunny lol

  5. You might want to remember the enormous fat content in chocolate which delays the absorption of those carbohydrates, sometimes by a significant amount of time. This is fun to do once and a while, but grows tiresome EVERY time you eat! Then again, as a significant other of someone with diabetes, you get to experience this stuff as close as possible without having diabetes yourself. Thanks for sharing. :)

  6. I got J a sugar free bunny for his first Easter after diagnosis. Little did I realize.... The following year, we had regular candy. :)

  7. Oh, D-Math! Who says there's no reason to love math? With proper food carbo calculations, (ehem, proper calculations!) you'll be healthy and on track to improve your health. Don't let your nerves go against your will to be healthy. :) So who loves math? Me! I hope you do too. :)