March 31, 2011

Strange Places

   So, in my latest adventure of being a T1 wife (makes me sound like I'm a version of the Terminator or something...  anyway); I went to the dermatologist yesterday.  Now, I'm not one to go see her on a regular basis; the last time being about a year ago, give or take a month.  Nothing is wrong and my reasons are more vanity than medical necessity.  I've seen the physician's assistant once before this visit and I really like her.  Especially this time, being that we're both female and she's able to understand my vanity a bit more than a male can (Sorry boys - somethings you just don't get :( )
   I explained my reasons for the days visit; one being some scars on my arm & wrist.  I had received some "battle wounds" from Mike's alter ego "Michelangelo" during a bad low in January.  Long story short:  infection + 2 rounds of antibiotics = finally healed with scarring. 
  Being the inquiring mind, of course she asked how the scars came to be.  I explained that Mike is a T1, had a low, not a normal/regular thing...  DON'T CALL ADULT PROTECTIVE SERVICES!! 
  She looked at me as she's examining my arm with compassion (a bit more than the usual doctor's compassion; something that I didn't understand until later on in the appointment.) 
  We went on with the rest of the appointment and as she continued her exam; she said "So, your husband is a Type 1?" 
  "Yeah," I said.
  "Me too," she said
  "I've heard there are more out there, I've just never met one before - didn't think they existed!" I said, smiling and joking around.
  "I know" she said with the same smile, "there doesn't seem to be too many of us out there."
  We went on to talk about insulin pumps, how long each has had it for (both since childhood - in case you're wondering), and the understanding of lows. 
  The appointment ended without a hitch, I got what I needed and left to head off to work. 
  My adventures as a Type 1 wife may seem boring, especially to me, but this Type 1 wife loves that other Type 1 show up in the strangest places.