September 1, 2010

Silly Me!!!

Hey all!!!  Just a super quick blog to say thanks for the Happy Birthday wishes!!  And also that I'm a bit of a dork because I have no clue how blogger works (figuring it out is a work in process) and apparently my comment settings were set that I had to approve them before posting... Something I DIDNOT know and have now fixed... So your comments are now viewable!!!  YAY!!!!  WOOHOO!!!!!!

Diabetes Art Day: Cake for a Cure

So, today is the first-ever Diabetes Art Day. Thought up by Lee Ann Thill over at The Butter Compartment. In honor of the day, on Monday (my day off from work!) I baked a cake. Actually, it was a duel purpose because Tuesday was my BIRTHDAY! (31st, to be exact!).

This is a banana frosting cake, with homemade frosting. (BTW - No carbs to worry about because it's birthday cake).  We all want a cure, so that was the theme for my cake - to the tune of Journey and their hit song, Don't Stop Believin'. Great song, not only because it is but also because it was most recently on GLEE!!

So, here's my cake, with some theme music from GLEE!

We enjoyed a piece each later the night of my birthday on Tuesday, but only after going out to dinner at our local brewpub The Oaken Barrel and then going out for a birthday SURPRISE!

The only clue Mike gave me at dinner was that "this time this surprise means the most!"

We went to Baskin Robbins, 31 Flavors! - - -> Meaning: I had my 31st Birthday, on August 31, and got 31 Flavors at the ice cream shop on U.S. 31!

Had the BEST Chocolate & PeanutButter Icecream in a Waffle Cone...  It was AWEsome!!!!!

- - - - >"For 31 on 31, got 31 from 31 on 31."

Then, we came home and enjoyed the Cake for a Cure! What a great day!

So, not only was it a Happy Birthday To Me, but it's now Happy Diabetes Art Day!