February 14, 2010

A Ninja Thank You

Recently, Mike and I had the honor of being featured in a NinjaBetic VLog. That was awesome.

He made a video recently featuring a special gift we sent him this past week. Here it is below:

This was awesome. Thanks for the shout-out, George. I'm honored and LOVED IT!

Here's the story behind this ninja-making project. Mike for many years has claimed he's a ninja, something that goes back to his college newspaper days when this apparently was a joke. Anyhow, when we discovered NinjaBetic and his great D-Blog, it changed everything and the Ninja-themes became more diabetes-focused. Then, one day he showed me a blog about how Kerri at Six Until Me got a little surprise gift in the mail - a mini-ninja. Thought that was cool, and it gave me the idea to make one. Christmas just seemed like the best time.

So, the XmasNinja Lance was born. Complete with little Lancet-made NinjaStar and numchucks. Classicly awesome-ness.

Making Lance was pretty inexpensive and easy to do. Apparently, Mike saw the "ninja" pattern laying around the house while cleaning before Christmas. But he says he didn't see the final product, and was so incredibly geeked about it once opening the gift. His parents were in town, and they probably thought it was a little strange - even with an explanation. But, we had a blast.

Since then, Lance has hung out in various places around the house and just been around to watch over things. We wanted to send one to George, being the inspiration for this whole thing. After his blog, Mike blogged about it on The Diabetic's Corner Booth and the reaction on Twitter has been great. Someone even asked if I was going to start a business making these ninjas. Funny. Like I'm crafty like that. Making more ninjas or even for a profit wasn't the point and not something that interests me. This was simply a fun little craft project and I had the joy of making a few extras to have on hand and send out to those D-Friends who've made a difference to us -like G who it's in honor of. That's a fun way to say thank you, and that's all. Hope it's enjoyed.

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